Blue Circus

“Blue Circus” Marc Chagall (1950)

The fish floundered–These are for you –thrusting flowers
at Mademoiselle Suzanne Valadon– shyly hopping away,
neither fish nor fowl.

Otis watched the green donkey who,
bending his head smiles sincerely, flaring
his nostrils.

In a sea of geometry, Suzanne’s calfs
swim past triangulation.
Bent blue-hued imbued her
erect nipples, weightless, waiting
blue heart forever beating.

Suzanne’s strands slipped,
eel-like feel– Diana, the lunatic, leaned lightly,

Violin of ventricles vexed,
waterlogged, scaling
scales musically and marked across the skin of a fish.
It’s all how you juggle the chaos,
the strife of a circus life.
A sashay with a shark in my heart.

Published in The Blue Mountain Review, July 2022