Luke Johnson

Welcome, Luke Johnson. I’m so excited to sit and talk with you today. Your book of poetry, Quiver, is coming out this fall. It is wonderful and dark writing.

Quiver, for me, is an exorcism. It’s me confronting many realities, not only in what was central in my life but in generations before mine. I come from a long line of fatherlessness and addiction, from men who die young or end up in prison.

I was the first in my lineage to break that ugly tradition. So, for me, to write the work I want to write and then also write the next book, I had to first confront the realities of my inner life. I’m a firm believer that brutality and beauty and/or sorrow and joy are sisters. They’re two sides of the same coin. Quiver reveals those polarities exist inside all of us.

Read the full interview with Luke Johnson in The Blue Mountain Review, September 2023.