Charles Bremer

Welcome, thanks for sitting down to talk. You have such a wide range of interests in the arts. Tell us about some of them.

At this moment photographic art is my focus … but it also involves some mixed media and painting. For many years I worked in experimental sound, building instruments and sound sculptures, as well as performing. In my earliest years I did photography and ceramics, fell in love with figure drawing and designed and built playgrounds. The playground work eventually led me to three decades working with sound. Figure drawing eventually led me full circle back to my photographic work today.

One of the pleasures of art is that so much of it starts with the skills of working the material. This is true with every art form. It’s the raw materials. When you command those, you can explore humanity, emotion, and who we are. Our senses of sight and sound, imagination and inspiration, that’s the center. Creativity is in all our senses but those two orbit one another. Throughout history artists have had the potential to change the world with only a pencil or brush. In our paint box today we have the tools by which light and sound are transferred through electronic signals, but our humanity is always the central core.

Read the full interview with Charles Bremer in The Blue Mountain Review, May 2023.