Review: Cooking Tips for the Demon-Haunted

A book of flash fiction by Kathryn Kulpa.

Kathryn Kulpa’s book of flash fiction has plenty of cooking-related works, but it is also full of dead people, ghosts, and ghost-hunters. Most of her writing uses a child’s perspective, and she does this voice convincingly. Her opening piece is the title of the book and leaves us not knowing if the young person is experiencing something real or imagined. Horror flash and the supernatural are threaded throughout the book.

Other titles are “Bricolage” ( the Oxford Dictionary defines this “as (in art or literature) construction or creation from a diverse range of available things:’ “A Vocabulary for the Haunted” , “Happy Meal,” and “Potato Eyes:’

This is an extremely entertaining book and can easily be read in a single sitting or parceled out in delicious bits.

For more information about Cooking Tips for the Demon-Haunted by Kathryn Kulp see The Blue Mountain Review, May 2023.