Betsy Thorpe

Please tell us what you do for a living

I’m a developmental and line editor, book consultant, and ghostwriter. A developmental editor looks at the big picture of the story (how dues the story work, how are the characters functioning. I examine the plotting, pacing, chapter by chapter), as well as looking at the technical aspects of their writing. A line edit is where I make cuts, make suggestions to tighten the writing, ask questions in the margin (or explanations, or ask for better word choicer or even new scenes.

This is truly a “line” edit as I go line by line. As a book consultant, I help people decide whether they should try for the Big Five Publishers by lint finding a literary agent, and assist them with query letters and book proposals, or guide them through the world of Inane book publishing. I have my own suggestions for trusted freelance copy editors, proofreader, and book designers, and help people make choices around the kind of publishing to do. (Note: marketing and publicity are not in my wheelhouse). Ghostwriting – well, l think everyone knows what ghostwriters do – but in a nutshell, it’s to get a story out of the client and make It as close to their own voice as possible.

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